Campbell County Project

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Campbell County Solution

Wireless broadband is about to spread into more of Campbell County. By the end of 2020, unserved areas of the county — such as those surrounding Gladys, Red House and Brookneal — should see increased internet accessibility.

The Campbell County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved B2X Online’s  proposal to install wireless internet transmitters with the potential to provide more than 1,400 county residents with internet access. The county will use a portion of its CARES Act money to pay for the project.


Meeting the Need

The Coronavirus has changed our way of life. Many people that would go to a work place every day are now working from home. Children and students may no longer go to a class room as they have done in previous years. Life as we know it has changed. The internet is now the primary way of communication, work, school and the like.

Warren Kane, CEO of Salem-based B2X Online, “the company is moving as quickly as possible, and internet access is more essential than ever.”


Campbell County Project FAQs

All service will be active and available by the end of December 2020. At this time we can not give a exact date for a particular area but rest assured that B2X has several crews in the field everyday working to get locations up and running. we will notify customers who have been installed as soon as service is active in their area.

No one will be bill until their internet service is active and available.

If for some reason service ends up not being available to your location, you will not be charged. we are currently working on a plan for 2021 to  further expand our service in Campbell County. For those that have equipment installed but could not get service now, if you are in our 2021 expatiation area you could keep the equipment until service is available or we will come and remove it.

Wireless internet is not satellite internet, DSL or cellular. B2X is a Fixed Wireless Internet service provider. Simply put, Internet is transmitted from an access point usually located on a tower, water tank or utility pole to other access points. From these access points internet is then routed to customers homes or businesses. One access point or tower can usually provide internet service to customers who are with in a 5 mile radius of the access point or tower. since all our transmitting equipment is terrestrial based there is no lag time like with satellite internet and is similar to internet  you would get living in a city.