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Residential Service

Fast and Reliable High Speed Internet service in the home is more important that ever. B2X understands how critical it is that your family have access to the internet and that’s why we offer packages that are designed to meet your families needs for today and tomorrow.

Our internet service packages include 5 free email addresses and basic tech support. We also offer ” Tech Access” an optional package for anything beyond our equipment, so that everything in your home from the TV to the Refrigerator stays connected.

Available speeds and pricing are based on location, tower and equipment.


Business Service

Businesses now more than ever need to keep there operations connected to the internet to be successful and grow. B2X has knowledgeable experts that can help your business with everything from remote access to VOIP phone systems. Our service packages are designed to meet the demands of your business today and tomorrow

Internet service packages include 10 free email addresses, 1 static IP address and basic tech support.

 Available speeds and pricing are based on location, tower and equipment.


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